Bennett is the inventor of GinkGo!, the memory and storytelling game. He has dedicated much of the past two years to developing the game, reading extensively in the fields of cognitive memory, community participation and story-telling. He is a successful entrepreneur and business consultant focusing on strategic partnering for early stage companies. Since 1992 he has created several businesses and has been an adviser to more than a dozen businesses and non-profit programs in North America and Japan.
Bennett is also a Power of Purpose Award winner. The Power of Purpose Awards -- A Worldwide Essay Competition, sponsored by the John Templeton Foundation, awarded Bennett one of the world's largest prizes for an essay, $10,000 for his essay about a special group of individuals that plays the GinkGo! Game every week at the Redwoods Senior Center in Mill Valley, California. Bennett was one of nineteen winners chosen from over 7000 entries from 97 countries.
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