The Power of Purpose Awards 2004
We play the GinkGo! game every week at the Redwoods Senior Center in Mill Valley, California. Bennett Johnston won $10,000 from the Power of Purpose Awards, a worldwide competition sponsored by the Templeton Foundation for his essay about playing the game and storytelling. Read the essay!

The Toy and Game Inventors Forum 2003
GinkGo! won a "Best New Product Award" at the 2003 Toy and Game Inventor's Forum in Las Vegas where some one hundred judges from the toy business-Hasbro, Mattel, and Wal-Mart-, participated as judges.

I played your game over the weekend with my husband, John. He is also very experienced with games as he used to be a marketing manager for Hasbro Games (now he is a Special Ed. teacher.) We had a great time! He was so busy writing Ed. plans for all his students that I only asked him to play for 15 minutes to help me formulate feedback. We had so much fun that we played for 45!
First of all, the top line for us was that your game is fun in several ways. It has a sweet and interesting aspect with the Memory Lane questions. Because the questions are somewhat unusual, we heard stories about each other we didn't know before and we were reminded of shared memories we hadn't thought of in a long while. We found the Memory Switch cards hard and laughed at each other about how pathetic our memories are! John loved the Memory Race questions because he has that fact/trivia type of memory. So he raced off on the fast track while I tried the Memory Lane approach.
-- Nan Finkenaur
Adrenaline Design, Inc.
(FORMER Director of Creative Services for Hasbro Games)

I tried out the game with some of my colleagues and it was fun. In fact, quite a few of the tasks are the same one's we use to for our neuropsychological evaluations.
-- Joe Verghese, MD, MS
Assistant Professor of Neurology,
Albert Einstein College of Medicine

"Thanks so much for sending me the latest version of GinkGo! It ignites and delights my memory. My wife and I have been playing for three nights and we introduced it to a group of our friends. We like it and are sure there is a great market out there for a tool like this."
-- Fred B. Chernow
Author: "The Sharper Mind: Mental Games for a keen mind and a foolproof memory". Creator of immensely popular seminars that have helped business executives at Fortune 500 companies, college students, and senior citizens boost their memory power.