The amazing Exploratorium Science Museum in San Francisco created a fun Memory Website.
Interesting articles for regular folks on brain-related topics.
A useful on-line test service to detect cognitive dysfunction. They have a pretty good blog, too.
A good source of information on some of the latest insights on staying sharp and improving your memory.
MSN's amazing Encarta Encyclopedia has a great overview of Memory related topics.
Theodore Zeldin and the Oxford Muse are pioneering new methods to improve personal, work and intercultural relationships in ways that satisfy both private and public values; bringing together people who want inspiration to think more imaginatively, to cultivate their emotions through practice of the arts, to understand the past better and to have a clearer vision of the future.
An amazing idea: have a biography or retirement / anniversary / wedding tribute written for a friend of family member!
Time Magazine article: "Boomers will do anything to sharpen an aging brain."
Cathryn Jakobson Ramin's website. She is doing research for a book on midlife memory for HarperCollins.
Article: Seeds of Dementia Sown in Midlife
Center for the Brain
An article from by Dr. Robert W. Griffith on leisure activities, brain health and Alzheimer's. The GinkGo! game is the best game ever developed for stimulating and activating multiple memory systems in the Brain.
This article points out that people aren't getting diagnosed, and receiving treatment, for Alzheimer's and dementia at the earliest possible stage. The GinkGo! game can help raise awareness.
"Use It Or Lose It?" Study Suggests Mentally Stimulating Activities May Reduce Alzheimer's Risk
Memory Lane - Alzheimer's Products to Entertain and Stimulate
Memory Lane is creating high quality entertainment for people with Alzheimer's.
The Alzheimer's Association website