The GinkGo!® game has more than 400 questions and surprising strategies, here are just a few:

GinkGo!® focuses on three activities:
Memory Lane®: What is the most interesting communication you ever had with an animal? Tell a story about one of your most memorable road trips or your favorite vacation. Memory Lane is designed to activate your Episodic Memory. Episodic or "Experiential" Memory is concerned with our personal experiences. These are the stories of our lives. Our stories tell us who we are. Recalling these memories by telling stories is not only a wonderful way to share memories; it is the best way ever devised to make sense of life!
The Race to Remember™: How many movies can you
name in one minute? How many famous nicknames do
you know? How many words do you know that
express pleasure? You will be fascinated by
everyone's answers. The Race to Remember is
designed to stimulate your Semantic Memory , our
knowledge of the world and all of the unusual
and extraordinary facts we know.
Instant Recall™: Remember everything
instantly! With a dozen categories of fun,
Instant Recall will awaken your memories
and amaze your friends. Instant Recall is
designed to stimulate your
Short-term Memory and awaken
your mind.