The GinkGo! Memory Game stimulates and activates three basic memory systems of the Brain:
· Short Term Memory
· Semantic Memory - long term memories
· Episodic Memory - personal memories
No other memory games use more than one memory system. GinkGo! is the only game based on advances in scientific understanding of how memory systems work in the brain. By utilizing and stimulating multiple memory systems-your brain gets a much more complete work out, and you will have more fun!
Playing GinkGo! is good for you:
· A 20-year study reported in the New England Journal of Medicine (Spring, 2003) found that Seniors who play board games regularly have lower incidences of Alzheimer's and Dementia.

· Leaders of the study at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine have played the game and believe it is both effective and enjoyable.

About Memory Systems
Scientists have identified three primary facets of Memory that engage different regions of the brain: Short-term Memory, Semantic Memory and Episodic Memory. GinkGo! is the first game ever designed to stimulate and activate all three types of memory which use different regions of the brain. GinkGo! is the most powerful and effective game tool ever developed to wake up your brain, and it's fun!
Instant Recall is designed to stimulate your Short-term Memory. Short-term Memory is concerned with information that you usually need to remember for only a short period of time-between a few minutes and perhaps a few hours. It is actually useful to forget this information once you have used it-who needs to remember a grocery list from five years ago?

The Race to Remember is designed to stimulate your Semantic Memory. Semantic Memory refers to our general knowledge of the world and all the facts we know. We use this information throughout everyday life-like the alphabet or numbers for instance. Semantic Memory can sometimes fall prey to what scientists call Tip of the Tongue Syndrome (TOTS)-when you know that you know something, but you just can't quite retrieve a particular word or name at the exact moment that you want to. Tip of the Tongue Syndrome is usually not a cause for worry-it happens to everybody, and the Memory Races are designed to have you experience it, so enjoy!

Memory Lane is designed to activate your Episodic Memory. Episodic or "Experiential" Memory is concerned with our personal experiences. These are the stories of our lives. Our stories tell us who we are. Recalling these memories by telling stories is not only a wonderful way to share memories; it is the best way ever devised to make sense of life! Many players report that their listening skills have grown by playing GinkGo! and that their enjoyment of life has grown as a result of this simple pleasure.
GinkGo! - Patent pending.
Have fun with your memory. Check it out!